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About Wok A Moley

Our readers now have some idea about the kind of Chinese food that is available with us at Wok A Moley. Our success story has not been built overnight but has been the result of understanding our customer needs and catering to the same as best as we can. It would not be out of place to mention here that we have today become a talking point near our 38 Bradbury outlet and surrounding areas. We also are well known amongst hundreds of customers in the neighborhood. Quality of food apart, there are a few more attributes which has made us as famous as we are. We believe in meeting our customer requests as soon as possible. Our takeaway unit is geared towards this objective. While we do take orders on phone, customers can also make use our apps for placing orders on the mobile phone. The applications are not difficult to download and install and they are available on Google Store and even on App Store. It is therefore possible to place the order at the click of a button. We endeavor to execute the orders as fast as possible and they are as fresh as they can be.


Wok A Moley Restaurant

We are located in a reasonably popular place in Belfast and therefore identifying us should not be a problem. Our exact address is 38 Bradbury Pl, Belfast, BT7 1RS and it is a well known place in Belfast. We can be reached by almost any mode of transport and additionally we also are on the internet and therefore you can make use of Google Map and other online devices to easily identify out outlet. You have many reasons to try us out and we are confident that you may not mind visiting us over and over again.
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